"Stop trying to make others feel good about you. Focus on making them feel good about themselves." -Patrick Knight
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Patrick Knight has authored the following articles and manuals:

  • "Tort Reform Going Overboard: Congress Debates the Issues of Foreign Seamen in American Courts,” 9 University of San Francisco Maritime Law Journal 145 (1996).
  • "Dismissal for Fraud: The Courts are Taking a Hard Stance", 19:3 Trial Advocate Quarterly 8 (2000).
  • “Design the Future”, 17:4 Jaycees Magazine 10 (2003).
  • “Targeting Young Professionals Really Adds Up”, 21:1 Jaycees Magazine 9 (2007).
  • Metro Synergy, leadership manual containing the best practices and ideas from civic leadership organizations in metropolitan cities around the world.
  • Jumpstart Your Organization, leadership manual for local presidents of leadership organizations. (First Edition 2002, Revised Edition 2004, Second Revised Edition 2006).
  • Legal Issues for Non-Profit Leaders, leadership manual for local presidents of non-profit civic organizations (2003).
  • Show Them the Way, a ten page Position Paper submitted to the JCI International Membership Strategy Forum headed by Jo Krill (Netherlands) on June 23, 2001.

Children's Books:

  • Knight, Patrick: The Little Knight's Painting Place, (Little Germ That Could Creations, 2008). Buy Now.

    The Little Knight's Painting Place

Watch out for these books coming soon: Jumpstart Your Organization Blending Generations in the Workplace