"Stop trying to make others feel good about you. Focus on making them feel good about themselves." -Patrick Knight
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Seminar Descriptions

Leadership Seminars

Positive Seduction: Getting Others to Follow You Willingly
Do you ever wonder why people are so willing to follow one leader without question, but hesitate to listen to other leaders even if they have great vision? What makes someone charismatic or dynamic? How can I approach my members or co-workers to convince them to help me on a project? This seminar will show participants how to improve their displayed attitude, while teaching effective methods of approaching people, setting up your targets and sealing the deal. Finally, participants will learn how to create a sense of ownership in their team and how to motivate them to future successes. (3 hours)
I Can Lead ! Reaching the Top by Looking Within
This two day leadership course is different than most because you will leave with an assessment of yourself as a leader and with a route map of how you can get where you want to go. Through reflection on past successes and failures, examination of your present skill sets and identification of steps needed to propel you to dynamic leadership, you look inside yourself like never before. More importantly, you will learn practical tips to improve on your areas of weakness. Team presentations allow you to share valuable insight with fellow participants. (2 days)
Design the Future: Lateral Thinking for the Creative Leader
Participants in this two hour interactive seminar will learn to shatter their old thinking patterns and focus on what "can be" whether it is in their personal life or their career. The seminar prepares students to learn knew ways of lateral thinking and to discovery new approaches to old problems. Brainstorming, problem solving, and organizational design are just a few of the concepts in this creativity course. (3 hours)
Do You Want to Get Lucky? (Creating Opportunities)
Ever notice how great opportunities seem to fall into the laps of some of your friends and co-workers? Do you often wish you had that kind of luck? Well, this seminar will explore the definition of “lucky” opportunities, determine ways to increase such opportunities in your life and show you how to make the most of these opportunities once they come your way. It is not just about putting yourself in the right place at the right time, it’s also understanding where is the right place, what is the right time and then being ready once you have arrived there. (3 hours)

Business and Management Seminars

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
In this one day presentation, participants will learn the broad scope of CSR policies considered by world-wide corporations and why they are important to implement locally in each business. We will explore CSR factors such as: human rights issues, diversity in employment, environmental concerns, value-added training for employees, ethical management and marketing, charitable involvement, child labor, employee safety and many other important issues that go well beyond the bottom line profit figures. To compete in the new millennium, corporations will have to find their balance of CSR implementation and net profit gains. In this presentation, we hope that each participant will start evaluating that balance in their own business and leave with a new focus of good corporate citizenship. (one day)
Succession Planning: Plan for Success
Do you know who is going to replace you in your company? Do you have a problem attracting and retaining the most talented people? Then, this seminar is right up your alley. In this three hour course, we will explore how to get everyone on the same page with the company’s vision, how to cross-train employees with meaningful learning experiences, how to evaluate and develop talent and finally, how to identify methods of accountability for your employees. With the gaping holes of talent and leadership in most companies and organizations, you cannot afford to miss this seminar. (3 hours)
Blending the Intergenerational Workforce
Each generation looks at the one ahead of it and thinks that generation is stuck in old ways of thinking, but they look at the generation behind it and think that the new whipper-snappers do not respect hard work and loyalty. Welcome to the world of intergenerational employment. In this two hour seminar, we will explore the Traditionalists (over 60), the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and the MTV Generation a/k/a the Echo Boomers. Understanding the motivations, desires and mindset of each of these types of employees will go a long way to getting the most out of them and getting them to work as a team. If you have employees of varying ages and you treat them all the same way, you will lose productivity, efficiency and, in the long run, talent. (3 hours).
Critical Analysis in Project Management
Ever wonder why some projects seem to run so smoothly and others involve several people whizzing about in the eleventh hour trying to save the day? Well, the answer lies in the project planning and, more importantly, in the critical analysis of the details of the project. This one hour seminar will show employees how to develop a great project from the initial idea and purpose through the legal analysis and the critical detail assessment. Identifying expectations, drafting SMARTR goals and focusing energy in the right place at the right time. (3 hours)
Conflict Management and Resolution
Conflicts are a natural occurrence at work, at home and in any organization. Learn how to approach your adversary in a conflict so that a win-win arrangement can be discovered rather than a heated argument. Discover tactics for negotiating, listening and understanding your opponent in a conflict situation. This two hour program offers participants a chance to try situational role-play to stimulate behavioral change. (3 hours)

Communication Seminars

Roar Like a Lion: Commanding the Room as a Speaker
Would you like to be able to walk up to the front of the room, grab the microphone and command the attention of your audience? If you answered “yes”, then this is the seminar for you. In this two hour seminar, you will learn the tricks of the trade, including: pre-speech planning, getting over the butterflies, dealing with awkward silence, tips for keeping your place in your speech and much more. Learn to command the room with passion and flair while leaving the audience begging for more. Each step along the way, participants will have the opportunity to practice the techniques in both small and large groups. (3 hours)
Dynamic Presentations
Ever notice how most training seminars are boring, non-engaging and clearly not geared toward your learning style? Well, this two day course will help you develop the potential inside to deliver dynamic seminars and presentations. Training is different than speaking and a trainer needs to learn how to engage the participants, meet their expectations and create meaningful learning that will change future behaviors. This interactive seminar develops communication skills and teaches people to look at new situations with an open and positive mind set. Participants will study how adults learn, examine various learning styles, identify ways to meet participant expectations, and finally how to deliver that dynamic presentation. Participants learn theory, identify pragmatic uses for the information and then instantly practice the learning point in the seminar. Finally, participants are grouped together into teams for a twenty minute presentation on Day Two complete with feedback and evaluation. This course is a must for any manager, salesperson or employee who has to give presentations as part of their job. (2 days)
Designing the Perfect Seminar
In this two day course, participants learn the ins and outs of designing a seminar or learning course that will appeal to adults of all the different learning styles. From attention grabbing openings to logical objectives to the content of the seminar, participants will learn to develop a trainer’s manual for use by any corporate trainer in the company. Developing power point slides and participant manuals will also be covered in this course so that each participant will know how to fully design a course from start to finish. (2 days)
Winning Arguments: Argue to Win 'em Over
In this two hour interactive seminar, participants will truly learn the art of argument, including steps they can take to avoid an argumentative conflict before it occurs. The course shows techniques needed to win an argument, formulate your points, define the topic and deliver your words so that even a casual listener will declare you the winner of the debate. At the end of the seminar, participants are split into groups to perform a live debate on the spot. The debate topics are light-hearted, but participants can practice what they learned immediately. (3 hours)

Non-profit Civic Leadership Seminars

Jumpstart Your Organization
Is your organization struggling? Would you like to learn how to increase membership? Can you effectively market and network for your organization? Do you have credibility in your community? Are you having difficulties activating your membership? You know the answers to these questions, but would you like to hear some solutions? The Jumpstart Your Organization Seminar, based on the manual of the same name, is a course that can show you how to turn your organization into a thriving, successful entity while increasing your membership and activation percentage. This interactive seminar not only offers theory, but practical ideas that can be used in your organization right now. Participants will learn the five key factors for identifying the kind of people they want for their chapter, attracting those prospects and ultimately activating these new members.
Topics covered include: regaining credibility in your community; marketing your organization, altering the perception of your organization, effective communication with your members, networking for your organization, running prospect-friendly meetings and following up with potential new members. Using role-play, break-out sessions, lecture, hand-outs and interaction with the class, this course is a must-see seminar for local presidents and officers of any organization. The seminar has been taught in twelve other states and five foreign countries to help organizations all over the world realize their great potential. The full version of the seminar is 4 hours, but a condensed version can be done in three hours. Don't miss out on the opportunity to turn your organization around by jump-starting it today! (3 – 4 hours)
Don't Be Bored on the Board
This one hour seminar teaches organizational board members how to work together as a team, while learning the group dynamics between their roles on the Board and the organization’s goals. Expectations and responsibilities of a board member are covered as well as the role of a board member as an ambassador of the organization. (1 hour)
The Legal Eagle for Non-Profits
Don't be fooled into thinking that your non-profit organization has a special exemption from legal issues that affect corporations and other entities. As President of your local organization, you are the CEO of a non-profit corporation. If you are an organization’s vice-president, you are an Executive Officer in the corporation. Thus, it is important that you know the legal issues that affect your organization and this one hour seminar offers advice from contract negotiation to liability of officers to liability analysis in projects. The content of this seminar is based on the widely popular Legal Issues for Non-Profit Leaders manual created by Patrick Knight. (3 hours)
CEO Training for the Non-Profit Officer
This two hour course prepares non-profit Presidents and Executive Officers by going through the entire process of starting your own non-profit corporation, preparing a mission statement, getting the organization going, marketing your efforts and reaping the benefits of your success. A must-attend seminar for any officers of any non-profit organization. (3 hours)
Attracting Professional Members to Your Organization
Do you know what young professionals in your community want out of an organization? In this two hour seminar, we will explore the wants and needs of young professionals, determine how to attract and retain young professional members, and develop programming that satisfies the wants and needs of these prospective members. With so many organizations popping up all over town, you better know how to attract and retain the best and the brightest if you want to be a successful organization. (3 hours)