"Stop trying to make others feel good about you. Focus on making them feel good about themselves." -Patrick Knight
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The following comments were taken from actual evaluation forms after Patrick recently conducted these seminars around the world:

Positive Seduction

"Patrick is so dynamic and charismatic. This class is fun, interactive and informative."
Antalya, Turkey

"My favorite seminar at the World Congress!"
Antalya, Turkey

"Very energetic. Interaction and activities were enjoyable."
-Jacksonville, Florida

"Great again!"
-Jacksonville, Florida

"Thanks for teaching us how to develop charisma. You definitely have it!"
-Tallin, Estonia

Blending the Intergenerational Workplace

"Great presenter. I would love to have you facilitate a workshop or small-group discussion in our office. We need it."
-Jacksonville, Florida

"This is the first presentation on this subject that I heard from a Gen X perspective. It was very unique."
-Jacksonville, Florida

"I really enjoyed this training. It's the first one where I wasn't checking the whole time to see when it would end."
-Jacksonville, Florida

"Second time hearing Patrick speak and he is an excellent trainer. Very interesting and useful. It was good to get a Gen X perspective on this issue."
-Jacksonville, Florida

Succession Planning

"I can and will immediately apply the tips on cross-training and the four learning styles."
-Amelia Island, Florida

"The Monkey, the Bell and the Button . . . that's exactly my office. Thanks, Patrick for showing me what I can do to fix it."
-Amelia Island, Florida

Winning Arguments: Argue to Win 'em Over

"I get it now - defining the argument is key. I can't wait for my next argument."
-Atlanta, Georgia

"It is amazing how fast you can come up with counter-arguments to anything. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and techniques with us."
-Atlanta, Georgia

Jumpstart Your Organization

"I wish we would have had this training three years ago. Your techniques make sense and they are different than the usual recruiting seminars."
-Seattle, Washington

"I cannot wait to let my gorillas write the script for our organization. I see how your system works because of the value-added concepts. Great examples!"


"Thoroughly enjoyable seminar and I learned so much about myself. I have never planned out my leadership life before and you really helped me to focus on a clear vision."
-Curacao, Netherlands-Antilles

"Patrick doesn't pretend to have all the answers, but he really helped me think through some tough issues in my company."
-Miami, Florida

"Your energy is contagious and you made us think. Most importantly, you challenged us repeatedly over the two day course and that made it even better."
-Drammen, Norway

"This seminar was unique and it really allowed me to envision my future."
Tampa, Florida

"The seminar was excellent. It was such a great experience. The energy transmitted by Patrick was incredible. I'm taking a lot of memorable moments with me."

"The training really motivated me to look inside myself and recognize certain features that I have for leadership. Thank you for that and for such a wonderful training given."

"The quality of the seminar and facilitator was fantastic. Patrick was motivating and he was so passionate about the topic that it became contagious."

"I recommend Patrick and his leadership seminar to everyone who wants to improve himself."
-Guayaquil, Ecuador

"El facilitador y su assistente realizaron un excelente trabajo, exitos!
-Guayaquil, Ecuador

"Focused. I feel a new "air" in my organization. This seminar helped us to reorient our organization to meet our customer's needs."
-Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Dynamic Presentations

"Thank you for adding so many dimensions to my understanding of the training/learning process. Universities should invest heavily in your course."
-Miami, Florida

"I liked that Patrick used so many examples of his previous experiences giving seminars around the world. His stories - both successes and failures - helped me see practical application of the course content."
-Miami, Florida

"Excellent course. It is VERY hard to hold my attention for 2 full days like that, but Patrick did it very well. I never found myself bored or dozing off and that's rare for me."
-Atlanta, Georgia

"Patrick is an excellent trainer! The seminar was fun, informative, well structured, well planned and most importantly: effective. I would highly recommend this training to anyone. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!"
-Atlanta, Georgia

"Excellentes facilitadores!"
-Panama City, Panama

"Muy bien. He apprendido del compartamiento humano para adentrarme en el proceso de capacitacion y realizar el seminario."
-Panama City, Panama

Designing the Perfect Seminar

"Your real-life examples and experience bring the information to life. Thanks."
-Omaha, Nebraska

"Patrick, just wanted to drop you a note that I used your process to develop a seminar for my realty company. It works!"
-Miami, Florida

Do You Want to Get Lucky

"I don't know how you come up with such unique approaches to life, but as usual, I learned a lot. Thanks, again"
-St. Louis, Missouri

Critical Analysis in Project Management

"You simplified project planning and gave me a clear sense of how to organize my thoughts and analyze the issues. I tend to overcomplicate this process, but your checklist works for me."
-Miami, Florida

"I loved the activity where you put on the different hats for critical analysis. It was an interesting perspective that I had not thought about before."
-Miami, Florida

Attracting Professional Members to Your Organization

"Wow! This was eye-opening and we have some work to do."
-New Orleans, Louisiana

"Your ideas for value-added meetings were right on."

Design the Future

"Wonderful. Patrick gave us actual exercises we can use with our staff."
-Ponte Vedre, Florida

"Thought provoking. Good application to our work."
-Ponte Vedre, Florida

"It really had me thinking outside the box."
-Ponte Vedre, Florida

Civic Empowerment lecture at Florida International University

E-mail from FIU instructor:
"Patrick, thanks again for your lecture on civic empowerment. One student was so excited to learn what you were discussing that she seriously said something to the effect that 'I am so happy that he was the guest speaker and I learned so much about how to effectively start a non-profit. I really think this will help me in my career.' She was so impressed and it was really a compliment to you. After you left, I told them more of your accolades (I thought you would have mentioned more of them) because I want them to know you are for real and not just out of a book. I think they saw that what you've accomplished is achievable - a true gift. You made a difference with my class and it is much appreciated."